Recent News for The Bicycle Valet

The Free Ride is over for Granville Island bike thieves, according to The Vancouver Sun:

“Thieves have had a free ride on the island for years, taking advantage of bike racks installed in low traffic areas and poor cyclist awareness. More than 150 bikes were nabbed from just two blocks of the island in the last four years, and that’s only looking at thefts that were reported to police. They were among 10,000 stolen citywide in just four-and-a-half years”.

GI seasonal valet filtered

“The tourist hot spot and beloved haunt for many Vancouver residents has become the riskiest place to park a bike in the city, with higher theft numbers there than any other location citywide”.

Thankfully, the Bicycle Valet is here to help decrease bike theft on Granville Island. Click the link below to watch the video from The Vancouver Sun and read more!

Free ride is over for Granville Island bike thieves

Granville Island Summer Location

Very exciting news for The Bicycle Valet – we are back at our location on Granville Island seven days/week until September!! The wood carving shed at 1537 Johnston Street is where you can find us (same location as last year!), 10am to 7:30pm.

How did this come about, you ask? We’ll be working with the Vancouver Police Department and Project 529 to register your bikes!

BV photo - Granville Island


Your bike is always safe with The Bicycle Valet, but we aren’t everywhere you want to go (wouldn’t that be nice though?), so Project 529 will be there to help protect you the rest of the time. The VPD has purchased shields with Project 529 to put on your bike for FREE, then you download the FREE app to your phone, and you’re set! At Granville Island we’ll be helping them register your bikes (for FREE!) as you park them (for FREE!) and check out the local shops and markets.

Want to know more? Well, in the last nine months, ten police municipalities have integrated 529 Garage in the province. The Project has had great reception and is nearing its goal of registering 10,000 bicycles by the end of the year. Since June 27th in Vancouver, 20 registered bikes were stolen and 16 were returned to their owners using 529 Garage. For comparison, roughly 2,000 bikes are recovered by the VPD every year and only 10-20 are ever returned to their owners if they are not registered. So that’s why we’re collaborating with Project 529 this summer to help reach these goals! We’ll be able to register your bike at many of our other events as well… so if you see us around town, just ask!

 If you would like to be a regular volunteer at Granville Island (with perks!), contact

For directions check out the map below:


June 2016 News

The Bicycle Valet: off to a record-setting year!


BV photo - bikes and vol girl

We reached a new May record of 275 bikes parked at a Whitecaps game! This is only the beginning of the season, so we expect to knock that record out of the park as things heat up this summer!

 In May, it started to get busy at The Bicycle Valet! Between three Whitecaps games we also took care of bikes at the BMO Vancouver Marathon, BMO Walk So Kids Can Talk, and the Vancity AGM. As always we were at the Bike To Work Week Launch Party, and we had our first year at TEDx Stanley Park at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Also, we had our *always* legendary Volunteer Appreciation Party! BBQ and beer enjoyed by all!!

June is an exciting month and full of events for The Bicycle Valet:

June 2: Transporting Expo ’86 at the Museum of Vancouver
June 3: Bike To Work Week BBQ at Science World
June 4: West Van Community Day at Ambleside Park
June 8: Whitecaps at BC Place (Gate C)
June 12: Italian Day on the Drive (1st Street & Commercial in the RBC parking lot)
June 15: BEST 25th Anniversary Party
June 18: MEC Paddlefest at Jericho Beach (near the sailing centre)
Whitecaps at BC Place (Gate C)
West End Car Free Day on Denman Street
June 19: Main Street Car Free Day between Broadway and 30th Street on Main Street (we’ll be on 10th)
Commercial Car Free Day from Venables to Grandview on Commercial (1st Street & Commercial)
June 25: Vancouver Frame Builders and Cycle Culture Show (at the Woodward Atrium)
Clean Up The Oceans at Brockton Rugby field in Stanley Park
June 26: Scotia Half Marathon starting at UBC and finishing at Stanley Park (we’ll be in Stanley Park by the Fish House)
Ride Don’t Hide at Swangard Stadium
Greek Day on Broadway at MacDonald

Interested in volunteering or having us out to an event? Know of an event where you’d like to see us? Want to be a sponsor? Have random questions about The Bicycle Valet? Get in touch with Sinéad Stinson at or 604-669-2860 ext. 207 for more information.


The Bicycle Valet welcomes Earnest Ice Cream!


BV photo - Earnest Ice Cream

You would be this excited about a free Earnest Ice Cream cone too!

In MORE amazing Bicycle Valet news, we have an amazing new contest prize sponsor-Earnest Ice Cream!! The folks at Earnest Ice Cream make delicious ice cream, and also love bicycles. We’re so excited to welcome them as a contest sponsor… after all, what goes better with summer than bicycles and some seriously good ice cream?

What can you win? By filling in your claim stub and entering it in the contest box on site (after you get your bike back, of course), 2 people per week will be sent coupons for free ice cream cones, and 1 lucky winner a month will get a luxurious prize pack including pints of ice cream and fabulous Earnest Ice Cream swag!!