Vote for the BEST beer ever!

Want Phillips to brew the BEST Beer Ever?  And support The Bicycle Valet at the same time?

We’ve been selected as a TOP 10 FINALIST IN THE PHILLIPS BENEFIT BREW CONTEST!!!  That’s right, if we win we get a signature craft beer named after BEST, a launch party, and 100% of the proceeds (expected to be $10 000)!  We’re not normally into popularity contests, but this was one we couldn’t pass up!  Because let’s face it, beer and bicycles just go together.  If you’re ever been to one of our LEGENDARY Bicycle Valet Volunteer Parties, you know we take that to heart.

Phillips Benefit Brew 2014

Phillips Benefit Brew 2014

What do we need you to do?

STARTING TODAY until November 17th, you can vote for BEST once daily (from every device you have) throughout the two week period at The charity with the most number of votes wins, so it’s up to BEST’s friends and supporters, patrons and VOLUNTEERS (that’s you), members and staff to get the word out and vote as often as possible!

But what kind of beer would we get to drink you ask?  Well, Phillips asked what kind of beer our organization would be, and we knew immediately: a Saison.  As in season, in French.  As in a beer that was originally brewed in the cold winter months for consumption in the hot summer after long days working outside.  As in, every summer at BEST, as our staff and volunteers run bicycles back and forth at The Bicycle Valet in the hot summer sun at over 170 events in Metro Vancouver, and some of us choosing to cool down with a refreshing local brew (after our shifts end of course!).  Yup, summer beers and bicycles define the season for us.  The Bicycle Valet Saison sure has a ring, doesn’t it?