We have a new logo, and volunteering has its perks!

BV FIFA photo
At the FIFA Mexico v. Canada game:
Volunteering has its perks!

The Bicycle Valet had a great first month in March, with volunteers enjoying themselves at the Modo Spring Run-Off, Whitecaps games, and the FIFA Men’s Qualifier match between Canada and Mexico! Wondering where we’ll be next?

Sakura Days Japan Fair April 9 & 10
Vancouver Sun Run April 17
Laura Secord Elementary School’s Earth Day April 20
Party for the Planet April 23
Whitecaps home games April 2, 23, 27

And more…

Wanting to get involved? We have a Volunteer Training Session coming up on April 19th at 6pm at Granville Island. We’ll have a quick fun training set, and then head to the nearby pub for a beer/ beverage of choice! Get in touch with Sinéad Stinson at sinead.stinson@best.bc.ca to sign up, or for any other questions about The Bicycle Valet.

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The Bicycle Valet announces new logo design

The Bicycle Valet is very excited to announce that we have a new logo! Designed by the wonderful Kailani Sutton, this new logo moves past simply explaining what we do, and emphasizes that we do indeed offer a secure place to keep your cherished bicycle (skateboard/ stroller/ paddle board/ longboard/ push scooter/ kayak … anything active transportation!).

We’ve safely parked 125,345 bikes since 2006, never having lost one – we really are the safest place to park your bike! So, if you see this new logo around town, don’t worry, it’s still the same amazing Bicycle Valet, with a fresh new look.

BV New Logo 3

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