Wish we were at more events?

Want to see our service of free and safe bicycle parking at a specific event?  Let the event organizers know!  Your voice means a lot, so we need your help to get us there.  Here’s what you can do:

Check our event calendar-we may already be at the event!

Post on the event or organization’s Facebook Page asking what they’re doing for bicycles, and connect to our Facebook Page. For example:

“Hey, I want to ride my bike to this event, but I’m worried about leaving my bike while I attend.  Is there going to be secure bicycle parking?  Better Environmentally Sound Transportation has a really great service called The Bicycle Valet ( thebicyclevalet.ca )”

Connect on Twitter.  For example:

 “Would really love to see @TheBicycleValet at @_______ so I can enjoy the event without worrying about my bike getting stolen”

“ is @______event going to be having free and safe bike parking for those riding? @TheBicycleValet provides a really great service for events”

Email or phone the organizer.  Go to the event website and look for contact information.  There’s usually either a contact form you can fill out, or an info@____event.com address you can email.  Other contacts include Production, Transportation, or Marketing Coordinators.  Make sure to include our website: thebicyclevalet.ca

Send us a message at:   bicyclevalet(at)best.bc.ca

You can find out if we’re going to be there, or have talked to the organizers before, and we can provide more information.


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