Support The Bicycle Valet

Like any other non-profit social service, The Bicycle Valet needs your support!  Here’s how you can help:


Volunteering for The Bicycle Valet is a great chance to have fun, meet people, be part of some lively summer festivals, gain valuable work experience—and, on top of that, receive some awesome gifts. Here’s what one enthused volunteer applicant had to say:

“DO this. 3 LEGENDARY parties per year that’s LEGENDARY! What the hey!!! See if [y]our friends want to do it. This is the way you meet guys. Fit, fun and active. I have parked my bike in these a few times and they are usually at cool events. This is the big one go for it! Looks good on the resume (of life) . . .”

Sound good? We think so. Fill out our volunteer application and we’ll be in touch with you!

Sponsor Us!

Does your organization want to be seen as a community leader supporting sustainable initiatives?  The Bicycle Valet is currently looking for sponsors for our upcoming 2018 season!  We provide:

Incredible expanding brand visibility

Views by millions of event attendees

Your company identified as a leading supporter of green initiatives

Access to a diverse market of eco-conscious consumers

For more information about our unique, high value sponsorship opportunities, or to request a sponsorship package, please email our Business Manager at Stephanie.williams(at) or Contact Us.


If you’re too busy to volunteer, donating to BEST is a great way to keep programs like The Bicycle Valet up and running. To learn more about how to support us or to become a member, go to the BEST website.

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