Are you afraid to use your bike because of thieves?  Here are some tips to help prevent your bike from being stolen (besides always parking with us of course!):


First, the Basics:

  • Security: The most important thing is to lock your bike to a secure object.

  • Visibility: It is better if you park your bike in open areas where many people pass by and it is easily seen.

  • Keep it close by: The closer your bike is to you, the easier it is to keep an eye on it. 

  • Register your bike’s serial number: Write down the serial number and keep it in a safe place. Then register your bike on the 529 Garage to have a proof of ownership of your bike. Check how this project works on our page “The 529 Project” .

  • Give it identifying marks: You can engrave your name or driver’s license number on the bike frame, or put a card with your name and phone number inside the handlebar or seat tube.

  • Avoid having a quick release seat or wheels on your bike.  Replace the quick release at your local bike shop.

  • Have photos of your bike to prove it’s yours.



Secondly, Carry the Right Lock:

Talk to your local bicycle store about the right lock for you and your bicycle.


There are different types of locks:

U-locks: make sure you buy a strong hardened steel lock.


Padlocks & chains: the thicker, the better, should be at least 3/8 of an inch thick.


Cables: you can use a double-looped cable with your U-lock, for additional security.


Thirdly, Be sure That You Lock Your Bike Correctly:

  • Lock the whole bike: put your chain, cable, or U-locks through your frame and both wheels.  Try to lock two separate points of your bike.

  • Cross locking: use more than one kind of lock.

  • Make it difficult to break a lock: it’s better if the lock is not too close to a wall or to the side walk.

  • Secure removal items: remove any parts you can’t lock and a thief could steal easily.


Video from Vancouver Police Department on best way to lock up your bike: