What clients are saying:

Huge thanks to the Bicycle Valet team for yet again providing a much needed public service at our events. Not only were you efficient to deal with in the lead up to the event, you turn-key everything on site so that we have one less element to worry about. With more of our events utilizing as many green practices as possible, this is definitely one that we can’t do without and it continues to amaze us how much we underestimate its popularity with our patrons.
— KH, Project Manager, Squamish Valley Music Festival, brand.LIVE Management Group
We literally couldn’t have run our event without BEST’s bike valet service. The venue was a public park in a high-traffic area, which meant there was a significant risk of theft and nothing for our 2000 guests to lock their bikes to but large trees and scraggly bushes. Were it not for the valet’s secure lockup (which we advertised), many guests could not have come, or at least not stayed as long as they did.
— Nick McGrath, BikeFest Coordinator, Mountain Equipment Co-op
Granville Island was extremely happy to work with BEST to offer a secure bike lock up for Canada Day. The service encouraged alternate transportation, offered a visible, secure and safe lock up service for cycling commuters and visitors and helped make our streets more people friendly. Staff and volunteers were professional to work with and offered a friendly, easy and secure service. Thank you!
— Carrie Nimmo, Events Coordinator, CMHC Granville Island
The Bicycle Valet has been a welcome addition to the Festival, making our free Festival even more accessible to the public at large. It is a friendly, reliable and professional service.
— Kristen Lambertson, General Manager, Powell St. Festival

What patrons are saying:

I love it. Makes arriving by bike so simple, and helps build community too!
The Bicycle Valet should be at every major event in Vancouver. I want to know that I will have guaranteed secure bike parking whenever I go to a festival, special performance (e.g. Cirque de Soleil), or other happening in the city.It is the reason that I cycle to some events instead of driving.
I am more likely to go to events when you are there.
It shows that we live in a greener and active community and your presence encourages it.
I am very appreciative of the of this service and I think it’s a fantastic initiative to get people riding their bikes more often and knowing they (we) don’t have to worry about bike theft. Thanks!
Great service! I wish it was everywhere!!
Great service which allows me to ride to Whitecaps games. This really enhances my game day experience.
The Bicycle Valet makes me feel like I belong and am respected in car centric world. When you are at an event, my respect for the event organizers is raised. You are efficient and I have never waited long to check my bike or get it back. Keep up the great work!