Check out this short video of how The Bicycle Valet will work at your event:


How does it work behind the scenes?

We show up at the venue one to two hours before the event begins to set up our equipment. The fenced compound is attended by our team members who remain on-site until all of the bikes have been claimed. At the end of the event, we tear down and clean up after ourselves. All you need to do is provide space.


What do you provide?

  • Secure, ticketed parking for all bicycles during your event;
  • Staffing and materials related to service;
  • Secure fencing (unless otherwise discussed);
  • Way-finding signage for cyclists


How much does it cost?

Every event has different needs.  We base our pricing on the duration of your event (hours per day and number of event days), capacity required (maximum number of bikes at one time and total volume), and location.  Typically, we charge $400 to $1000 per event day. Fill out an inquiry form to receive a quote.


Do you offer discounts for charity or community events?

Yes. Let us know how your event is charitable or valued in the community when filling out the inquiry form.


Is the service available year round?

Yes. People using bicycles as a primary form of transportation are riding all year, and we will work with you no matter the season.


How early do I have to book?

The earlier the better so we can plan and promote the service, but we can generally accommodate all requests.


How much capacity do you have?  Can you do more than one event on a day?

We have operated eight sites simultaneously and parked over 2,000 bikes in a day. We look forward to breaking that record. We like being busy.


Can you help with site-planning?

Yes. We’ve been doing this a while, and know what to consider when planning where to put us. A site visit to determine the most visible, accessible and appropriate location is included in the price.


Do you offer a white label service?

Yes. Contact Us to discuss.


How do you park the bikes?

We have custom-designed bike racks that allow bicycles to hang by the seat.  Bicycles and their contents will not be impacted.


Do you offer longer term services?

Yes. We have worked with Granville Island the last few years to offer seasonal valet service in the summer with great results. Contact us to chat about what might work for you.


How much space do you need?

That depends on the capacity, or how many bicycles you want to accommodate at one time.  Here’s a sample spacing chart:

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 2.33.19 PM.png


For more information, check out our Welcome Package, or Contact Us.