The Bicycle Valet:

Is a free, friendly, valued service for event patrons using sustainable transportation.

Increases accessibility by providing security for bikes (and accessories). More people will ride knowing they have a safe place to park, and more people will attend and event that is so easy to get to.

Creates peace-of-mind for attendees. Individuals that aren’t worried about the safety of their ride will be more inclined to stay at an event longer, and will be more engaged.

Is a fully insured operation for commercial liability, including holding of third party property- we take responsibility for the safety of attendee’s bicycles

Operates professionally. Turn-key service includes custom bicycle racks, fencing, banners, way-finding signage.

Offers high value 3rd party sponsorship opportunities to offset costs. Custom set-up allows for highly visible promotion of sponsor brand to all event goers

Creates a positive impression. Bikes are neatly organized in a custom fenced corral, instead of having bikes locked up to every available pole. Often the first point of contact at an event, BEST’s Bicycle Valet is a highly visual indicator that an event supports a local, sustainable initiative.

Reduces congestion. Driving to an event can be frustrating, parking expensive, and shuttles or public transportation overcrowded.  Bypass the crowds, drop off your bike, and enjoy the event.

Is environmentally friendly. Transportation  is a significant part of an event’s carbon footprint.  Enable attendees to choose an efficient, zero-carbon trip.

Provides free cross-promotion to all of our events. We let the public know we’ll be at YOUR event via our monthly E-newsletter (with over 13,000 subscribers), FacebookTwitterInstagramCalendar and on-site at other events.